Why does the gear reducer appear the phenomenon of the transmission is not smooth

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Reducer is a kind of commonly used equipment in industrial production, its performance is very excellent, however, in the long-term work in the device may rotate unstable phenomenon, then, is what causes?
Reducer in the course of operation appear noise reason for fast planetary reducer long worm separately asymmetrical slow appear the reason of noise is the quality problem of the bearing, together we detailed understanding about it:
Reducer the normal state of affairs under the highest temperature shall not exceed 45 Celsius degree, such as high temperature should immediately stop check the machine, usually appear this problem underlying reason for selection of the tonnage of reducer Pian Xiaochao load signs or worm rod and worm gear end cover common pressed into the tight high temperature environment, input speed is not clear in the worm gear reducer for grease lubrication, the worm shaft with the highest speed shall not override 1000min/s, such as input speed is too high will appear high and card death in the environment, high temperature disposal punishment essentials is low input speed, check the gland of the embedded joint is not tight and whether planetary reducer oil shortage phenomenon.
In the using course of additional load after shaking reason for screw pitch is not symmetrical, asymmetrical worm separately, the plane stress bearing and tapered bearing quality non-compliance, screw down jacket together tightly.
Speed reducer transmission is not smooth, we will give you the relevant information, I hope the introduction of the above can deepen your understanding of the equipment, there is a need for a friend can also collect!
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