Electric drum plus what oil

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Electric roller use matters needing attention
1 the use of the drum should be checked before the amount of oil, the amount of oil to drum diameter of 2/5 is appropriate; check motor wiring is correct (Note: when the cylinder is no oil state).
2 drum must be unloaded start.
Cylinder 3. Work for the first time after 300 hours to replace lubricating oil (lubricant brands: oil cooled and N46, oil immersed with N32 turbine oil can also be used, N150 load industrial gear oil, equivalent to SAE90 automobile gear oil, the oil of gear lubrication effect better, after every 5000 hours oil change time and maintenance.
4 regular inspection of oil seal, adjust or replace the seal according to oil seal spring.
5. Electric drum electrical wiring should install a matching overload, phase lack operation etc protection device for circuit fault burned out motor, resulting in the loss are avoided.
6 electric drum should be installed horizontally, the maximum inclination is not more than 5 degrees.
7 electric drum work environment temperature -10 to 40 degrees Celsius, the material temperature is less than 60 degrees Celsius, altitude not more than 1000 meters, if the working environment beyond the above range, please contact the production plant to solve.
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