The use and maintenance of electric roller

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nstallation of electric roller
Most of the electric roller is driven by the driving device for the belt conveyor. As the motor and the reducer are installed in the drum body, the electric drum as a drive unit installation, than other forms of the drive device is much more convenient.
(1) fixed bearing installation
Power more than 3KW of the electric drum with a fixed bearing in the form of installation, should pay attention to the following issues:
The rotary center line of the drum body should be vertical with the axis of the belt conveyor.
The bearing to tighten the fastening screw, and lock washer. In the direction of the belt tightening, the supporting bolt should be installed to prevent the back of the support. Often detect screw, not loose.
The electric drum line leading from the junction box out to protect the application of metal hose or other means, fixed on the frame to hose.
The electric drum to reliable grounding.
The electric roller is allowed to be installed in the range of horizontal position to be less than 5 degrees, and if the inclination exceeds 5 degrees, the internal structure should be specially treated.
For power more than 18.5KW of the electric drum if necessary, the material should be used in the support of steel.
(two) installation of electric drum without bearing
Electric drum power and smaller diameter generally without bearing, spindle or flat head or head. When installing, the flat head is stuck in the slot of the mounting pole of the machine frame.
The following problems should be paid attention to in the installation way without bearing:
With the long groove of the body of the drum axis and vertical belt conveyor, shaft head bearing flat should be with the frame mounting plate and the gap should be between 0.2mm, 0.3mm, shoulds not be too big.
The small electric drum, some models can be unworthy of the junction box, and therefore, the power supply lead wire from the elbow should be added to the protective hose.
The electric drum shall be reliably grounded.
The electric drum level required to install, such as the need to use tilt, tilt angle of not more than 5 degrees. When the use of more than 5 degrees must be taken into account in the lubrication of the cylinder and motor cooling and leakage problems.
Installation of electric roller (three) with counter
The electric roller with the counter is only allowed to run in the specified direction. Therefore, the use of "running on belt conveyor" can prevent the reverse movement of the tape, with the inverse of the electric roller motor does not allow reverse operation.
Ensure no reverse impact the effective method is to use the power phase sequence tester, ensure the three-phase three-phase power supply and electric drum are correspondingly connected, so that the motor turning can comply with the requirements of the backstop.
(four) electric roller oil
Oil supply situation of electric roller factory
In general, the electric roller in the factory, according to the variety of the supply of different state.
A, small power air cooled electric drum due to the reducer is used to grease lubrication, but in the factory before adding a sufficient amount of adjustment grease, use no longer need to add.
B, high power air cooled electric roller and indirect oil cooled electric roller as is the use of ordinary N46 mechanical oil, this oil in various parts of the oil stores, will supply, so considering the economic and safety of the transportation, this kind of electric drum in the factory after 2 hours of empty load operation will be the drum body cooling oil release, without oil supply, so the use of the electric drum before operation must according to the instructions of fuel.
C, using direct oil cooled electric roller is N32 turbine oil, the oil relative general mechanical oil not easy to buy, and drum of stains on the clean degree and the oil quality have higher requirements, so the direct oil cooled electric roller factory have been added to the cooling oil, cylinder body also made to seal the deal, when using can do not have to refuel.
Either the electric roller is not allowed to operate without cooling and without lubrication. In addition to the initial use of the required refueling, but also should always test the number and quality of cooling oil in the drum. It is found that the amount of oil should be added in a timely manner. The quality of the oil drop or to find oil deadline, should be timely replacement of the new oil.
(five) the electric drum's filling method and the gas quantity
A, electric drum refueling
The gas amount of electric drum is determined according to the actual needs, through the calculation of various varieties and specifications of the electric roller conclusion: the amount of oil to the oil level of the drum diameter of 1/3 is appropriate. The amount of oil can basically meet the cooling of the electric drum motor. Motor generally has 1/5 - 1/4 in the volume of the oil immersed in the oil. The lower edge of the transmission gear can be in the oil liquid, and the roller can be rotated to meet the need of cooling and lubrication.
B, electric drum refueling method
There are two methods to ensure the quantity of the electric drum, which is a simple and accurate method.
The electric roller is placed horizontally, and the rotary drum body is rotated to make the end cap of the oil discharging port on the 1/3 height of the roller diameter. At this time from the gas hole filling, until the oil hole oil spillage. At this time the drum body surface height should be is 1 / 3 of the cylinder diameter.
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