Electric drum type selection of common sense

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1.Application scope and characteristics of electric roller

  The motor, a speed reducer structure placed in the interior of the tube electric drum and reducing mechanism is arranged in the barrel body outreach motor constitute the mounted electric roller, mainly used in fixed and mobile belt conveyor on, instead of the traditional motor decelerator - formation of driving drum drive device.
With the continuous improvement of the technical level of the rapid development of national economy and electric drum, electric drum as drive unit used in the bucket type lifting machine, as the active roller used in belt conveyor, conveying a variety of bulk, like objects. Emergency stop, can be used to have the electric drum brake. Requires a single rotation, to prevent the power of the material when the power down, you can use the inverse of the electric roller. A place with combustible gas, can be used to choose explosion type electric roller. Anyway, because the electric roller has the advantages of compact structure, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise, long service life, steady and reliable operation, good sealing performance, less occupied site, installation and maintenance are convenient, more extensive application in the fields of metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, coal, transportation, energy, food, commercial, telecommunications, ports and other.

  Applicable conditions:
A. roller should be installed horizontally, and the angle of inclination shall not exceed 5 degrees;
B. ambient air temperature -20 - 40 degrees celsius;
C. elevation of not more than one kilometer, the special design can also meet the use of more than five thousand meters of the drum;
The temperature of the D. conveyor is not more than 60 degrees Celsius;
E. voltage 380V, frequency 50Hz, but also to meet the 660/1140v 380/660v.

2.Common type of electric roller

   1, according to the motor cooling way classification
Oil cooled electric roller
Indirect oil cooled electric roller. Electric drum has certain cooling oil, due to the drum rotating non-stop, cylinder oil scraping plate oil poured into the motor gear, motor and gear away from heat, the heat transfer to the cylinder wall, accelerating the motor heat radiation, and the gear to produce lubricating effect. Oil cooled electric roller is the key is not allowed to enter the oil inside the motor. This type of electric roller is the most common electric roller in China.
The oil immersed type electric roller
The electric roller is also called direct oil cooling type electric roller. Just as its name implies, this type of electric drum allows fluid to enter the interior of the motor, directly with the motor rotor and stator winding contact will heat which was produced by a roller body constantly spin instead passed to the cylinder wall. Therefore, the theory of oil liquid heat transfer effect is better than the oil cooling, and replacing the motor sealing performance requirements. But the quality of cooling and lubricating oil and motor oil immersed type electric roller relatively high requirements. This type of electric roller used in foreign countries.
Air cooled electric roller
The electric roller is characterized in that the motor does not need oil to be cooled, oil or lubricating grease only. Cooling of the motor by conduction, radiation and wind convection. This type of roller in the domestic use of very few.
2, according to the structure type classification
Internal mounted electric roller
The inner mounted electric roller is arranged in the cylinder body of the motor and the speed reducer.
External mounted electric roller
The external electric drum is arranged in the cylinder body, and the external motor is connected with the motor. The external loading type can be divided into direct connection type and separation type. The direct connection type is that the motor is connected with the roller bearing to form a whole, and the motor does not need the support of the support. The separation was divided into straight and vertical, motor foot need support, by coupling or coupling is connected with the drum.

  3, according to the transmission structure classification
Fixed axis gear transmission
At present, the most commonly used reduction gear of the electric roller in the world is the fixed axis gear transmission, and more than 95% of the gear transmission is the fixed axis involute cylindrical gear transmission structure. General applicable power in the following 18.5KW.
Planetary gear transmission
Compared with the fixed shaft gear transmission, the transmission mode has the advantages of large bearing capacity, stable operation, etc.. General applicable power 18.5-132KW, base to greater.
Planetary gear transmission
This transmission structure in foreign countries is relatively small, more in the country, with a large carrying capacity, stable work and so on. Be able to meet the requirements of lower line speed. General applicable power in the following 90KW.
4, according to the application environment classification
Here refers to the use of electric drum in the general environment, it is the most widely used in the world, the most common kind of.
Explosion proof electric drum
The electric roller is mainly suitable for the environment of explosive mixture with combustible gas, gas, dust and so on. The explosion proof mark is dI, dIIBT4. Di applicable to mixtures of methane or coal dust explosion hazard of mine, D II at4 applicable in places where I, IIA T1-T4 group explosive dangerous mixture, diibt4 applicable in places where I, IIA, IIb T1-T4 group explosive mixture.
Anti corrosion type electric roller
This type of electric roller is often used in corrosive medium environment, or requires not to allow natural corrosion environment. Protection level is generally IP66.
5, according to the commonly used functional classification
Reverse check function
Require one-way rotation, prevent the power of the material when the power down, you can use the inverse of the electric roller.
Braking function
Emergency stop, can be used to have the electric drum brake.
Speed regulation function
Adjust the speed of the electromagnetic adjustment machine, according to the number of delivery materials and requirements to freely adjust the speed of the electric drum.
6, according to the electric drum table and classification
The smooth roller
Electric roller smooth roller generally applies to 15KW below, horizontal or downward transport of materials.
Adhesive roller
The adhesive can be divided into flat rubber, rubber, rubber herringbone diamond.
The rubber roller is a chemical or mechanical method which is used for coating a non metal anti slip protective layer on the cylinder body.
In electric drum as a pull moving device, roller coating layer is used to increase the transmission conveying belt and the friction derivative of the surface of the cylinder, to reduce the conveyor belt in the coefficient of friction of the surface of the cylinder body and to reduce the conveyor belt in the surface of the cylinder body of the sliding machine wear and tear each other, improve the operation of traction force and prolong the service life of the belt and electric roller conveyor.

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